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Go All-In Be a Winner

Born An All-In Gamer

Like it or not we are designated players in the game of life. It is about who we are and why we are here. The game is for our spirit and soul’s destination.  We are born to play the game.

11 August 2018 0 Comments

My Misadventures 12 Step Prayer

O Lord save me from taking the wrong road, save me from repeating my past misadventures. I have learned in recovery that a truly satisfied life is only possible when I live the life You want me to live. When I live with You in that secret place of the Spirit, I know I’m on... Read More

10 August 2018 0 Comments

I Ask Not for Easier Tasks – 12 Step Prayer

O God, I ask not for easier tasks. I ask for stronger aptitudes and greater talents to meet any tasks which may come my way. Help me to help others so their lives may be made easier and happier. Strengthen my confidence in others in spite of what they may do or say. Give me... Read More

9 August 2018 0 Comments

When Our hearts Are Lonely – 12 Step Prayer

God of life, There are days when the burdens we carry Hurt our shoulders and wear us down, When the road seems dreary and endless, The skies gray and threatening, When our lives have no music in them And our hearts are lonely And our souls have lost their courage. Flood the path with light,... Read More

8 August 2018 0 Comments

A 12 Step Prayer for Guidance

Father of light, Give us wisdom to know You, Intelligence to understand You, Courage to seek You, Patience to wait for You, Eyes ti see You, A heart to meditate on You, And a life to proclaim You. by Saint Benedict  

12 July 2018 0 Comments

Step 12 Alcoholics Anonymous

12 Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.